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Development Plan in Shimla Allows Additional Floors and Parking for Plot Owners

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The state government has implemented the approved Shimla Development Plan from the Supreme Court. According to the plan, plot owners in non-core areas with three and five-meter-wide roads will be eligible for additional floors and parking. Those with a three-meter-wide road can construct two floors, parking, and a residential attic, while those with a five-meter-wide road can build three floors, parking, and a residential attic.

For plots located along a three-meter-wide road but not directly connected to it, owners are permitted to construct only two floors and a residential attic. The plan also sets the height of buildings based on the square meter area. Buildings on plots ranging from 150 to 250 square meters can have a height of 13.5 meters, while those on larger plots can reach a height of 16.6 meters.

Setback regulations have been established for different plot sizes. Plots from 150 to 250 square meters must leave a setback of two meters from the front and one and a half meters from the other three sides. The setback increases for larger plots.

The development plan also distinguishes between green and core areas. Green areas allow the construction of two floors and one residential attic, while core areas permit three floors and one residential attic. Parking for core area plots with roads will be provided separately. The planning area extends from Kufri to Jubbadhatti, including both municipal and town and country planning areas.

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