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Decline of Land-Based Water Storage a Threat to Water & Food Security: Experts

The Department of Environmental Science at Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, recently organized a series of competitions and lectures to raise awareness about environmental conservation challenges. These sessions involved over 100 students and included activities such as quizzes, slogan writing, and declamation contests.

During the valedictory session, Director of Research Dr. Sanjeev Chauhan was the Chief Guest. He emphasized the importance of individual actions in combating climate change to prevent land degradation and its detrimental effects. Dr. Chauhan highlighted the need for the University to become Carbon Neutral by planting more trees with the involvement of all students. He also stressed the importance of educating the public on the benefits provided by each plant to underscore the significance of plantation efforts.

Dr. SK Bhardwaj, Head of the Department of Environmental Science, highlighted the critical issues facing our planet: climate change, biodiversity loss through land degradation and desertification, and pollution and waste. He said that various reports have pointed out that the land-based water storage has declined by one centimeter per year over the past two decades. This decline poses serious risks to water and food security.

Dr. Bhardwaj also pointed out that the state experienced higher temperatures in May 2024 compared to 1990 levels, with the heat index becoming uncomfortable for the majority of the population. He called for urgent action to restore degraded ecosystems to maintain the essential services provided by nature. Other speakers emphasized that keeping our land healthy can help sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, aiding in the fight against climate change and aligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Dr. Uday Sharma, Principal Scientist of the Department of Soil Science and Water Management, coordinated all the competitions. In the declamation contest, Nivedita Kapoor and Tinkle Sharma won first and second prizes, respectively. Nivedita Kapoor also secured first place in slogan writing, while Dhruv Sagar and Karina Dogra won the remaining prizes. Samriti Dutta claimed first place in the quiz competition. The event was attended by Dr. KK Raina, Librarian; Dr. CL Thakur, Dean, College of Forestry; retired professors and HODs Dr. Amit Nath and Dr. Amarjeet Kaur Nath; Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal; Dr. MS Jangra; Dr. Pratima Vaidya; Dr. Hukam Chand; and Dr. Kartikey Sahil. Dr. Uday Sharma delivered the vote of thanks.

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