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Congress Warns BJP of Political Upheaval After Election Results

Shimla, May 3: The Pradesh Congress Executive President and Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Sanjay Awasthi, has issued a stern warning to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), stating that regardless of the BJP’s pre-election maneuvers, all BJP leaders will be on edge after the election results on June 4. He asserted that the BJP currently lacks any significant issue against the Pradesh Congress government to capitalize on during the elections.

Awasthi emphasized that a major political upheaval within the Pradesh BJP is inevitable after June 4. He predicted that several leaders, including those in key positions, will be forced to resign from their posts. The internal discord within the BJP, ranging from the selection of candidates for both Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly by-polls to the dissatisfaction among senior party members, is palpable, according to Awasthi.

Highlighting the BJP’s recent struggles, Awasthi called upon BJP President Rajeev Vindal to explain to the public why he was removed from his position via a COVID call. Similarly, he urged the opposition leaders to disclose the nature of their deals with six dissident Congress MLAs. Awasthi claimed that the BJP is evading crucial issues as it lacks substantial grounds to contest on. He confidently declared that Congress will emerge victorious in all four Lok Sabha constituencies and six Legislative Assembly by-polls, significantly strengthening the Pradesh Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu government.

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