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Congress Unveils Justice Document for a Stronger India

Shimla, May 4, 2024: The Congress party has announced a justice document prepared for a brighter and stronger India, which has now become a headache for the BJP. The BJP is engaged in spreading false propaganda day and night to counter this document. The Congress party has prepared this justice document based on the sentiments and issues of the people during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, stated Rahul Gandhi, the party’s vice president, during a joint press conference held at Rajiv Bhavan in Shimla, according to AICC media coordinators Amrit Kaur, Amit Baba, and Vikram Lohiya.

During the press conference, Amrit Kaur explained that the Congress justice document mentions 5 principles of justice and 25 guarantees that will strengthen every section of the country. She said that the document includes the Lakshmi scheme for women, which will provide one lakh rupees annually to deserving women identified as the country’s stakeholders, directly deposited into their bank accounts. Additionally, attention will be given to women in the Panchayati Raj Department, with one Panchayat Mitra position filled in every Panchayat to address women’s issues. Furthermore, a plan for athletes has been introduced for young people, offering a sports scholarship of Rs. 10,000 per month to talented athletes under 21 years of age. Sports academies will also be established at the district level to promote sports.

Amit Baba emphasized that Himachal Pradesh is the second most educated state in the country, with nearly 88% literacy. The Congress party has introduced the Youth Justice scheme to provide a guaranteed first job to the country’s youth, offering an internship allowance of one lakh rupees per year to every graduate as an internship. Fast track courts will be established to resolve issues related to leaked papers in job exams and provide financial compensation to the affected.

Vikram Lohiya criticized the BJP, stating that the BJP’s politics revolves around 6 points: Hindu-Muslim, India-Pakistan, and temples-mosques, which aim to mislead and deceive the people. He said that the Congress will conduct a nationwide economic and social caste census under the partnership of justice.

He further stated that today the Prime Minister does not talk about the promises made in 2014 but is still trying to impose those promises in 2024. He criticized the BJP, stating that the biggest promises made in 2014, such as bringing back black money from abroad and providing 15 lakh rupees to every citizen, and providing 2 crore jobs annually to youth, have all remained unfulfilled. He also criticized the BJP’s handling of various issues, including the Agniveer scheme, which has adversely affected the country’s youth. He emphasized that while the Prime Minister is talking about winning 400 seats in the elections, he is not ready to explain where the 400 kg of RDX came from in Pulwama.

He concluded by saying that the Congress party works and will continue to work to bring justice to farmers. The Congress will legally guarantee the Minimum Support Price (MSP) as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission under the justice document. Additionally, a health insurance plan similar to Rajasthan’s will be provided to citizens of all age groups under the health insurance scheme.

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