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Congress Seeing Mandi Like Rae Bareli, Claims Rakesh Jamwal Regarding Ancestral Property

2024 Election: ‘Modi’s Guarantee and Congress’ Dynasty’ – Rakesh Jamwal

Sundarnagar: The nation has once again set its mind on making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister, and in front of Modi’s guarantee, Congress will not stand any chance. Rakesh Jamwal, the BJP’s state spokesperson and Sundarnagar MLA, during his public campaign in the constituencies of Haripur, Khilada, Kaloni, Purana Bazaar, Bahot, and Pung Thathar, stated that only Modi’s guarantee works in the country, while Congress has only given corruption and dynasty to the nation. He sharply criticized the Congress party, stating that now Congress is only aiming to win fifty seats to save its dignity, and some of its leaders are claiming that an Indian National Democratic Alliance government will be formed in the country.

Attacking the Congress, Rakesh said that Sonia Gandhi is handing over the Rae Bareli seat to Rahul Gandhi as if it’s their ancestral property, while in our state, the Congress president and MP are also forgetting that Mandi is not their estate. I want to tell them that the Mandi seat is not a hereditary one, so they should forget about asserting their unwarranted rights over it. The people of Mandi are now wise and will not tolerate this feudalism anymore.

Rakesh claimed that Rahul Gandhi is destined to lose again from Rae Bareli, and his image has become that of a leader who runs away from the battlefield. He said that not contesting from Amethi is an acceptance of defeat for Congress, and similarly, for Congress candidate Vikramaditya from Mandi, it is a clear indication of his defeat. Hence, unable to gather the courage to contest elections by resigning from his assembly seat, his situation remains precarious in the state.

He claimed that after the decision on the Ram Mandir, in a secret meeting, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi allegedly said that if their government comes, they will form a superpower commission and change the decision on the Ram Mandir like they did with the Shahbano case. Such statements could become an important issue for the BJP in the electoral environment, as they could try to rally their supporters. Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole had said on May 10 that if INC comes to power, they will ensure the purification of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This statement could also be used by the BJP in its favor because the issue of the Ram Mandir has always been sensitive for Hindu voters. On May 7, SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav had said that the Ram Mandir is useless. Such statements could also become a weapon for the BJP, as opposition parties could be accused of hurting Hindu sentiments. All these statements indicate that the issue of the Ram Mandir could play an important role in the upcoming elections, and by using these statements, various parties’ leaders could make the electoral atmosphere even more intense. The BJP will try to strengthen its supporters by using these statements.

Jamwal said that the people understand the truth of the Congress candidate for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat very well, and this time, the people of Mandi will not get caught up in Congress’ false propaganda. He said to Congress candidates that after the drama of resigning from the council of ministers, how are they contesting elections from Congress now? The Congress government in the last 15 months has ruined the conditions of the state, and the answer to this will be given by the people on June 1, which is yet to come.”

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