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Congress President Pratibha Singh Predicts Surprising Election Results

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Confident of INDIA Alliance Victory

Mandi, 31 May 2024: Pratibha Singh, the outgoing MP from Mandi and President of the Himachal Pradesh Congress, has expressed confidence that the results of the Lok Sabha elections will contradict exit polls and lead to the formation of an INDIA alliance government. She believes that the Congress will emerge victorious in all four Lok Sabha seats and six Assembly seats in the state. Singh dismissed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “400-plus seats” slogan as a failure, asserting that the BJP will struggle to cross even the 200-seat mark.

Pratibha Singh criticized the BJP for not addressing critical issues such as rising inflation and unemployment during their campaign. She claimed that the people of Himachal Pradesh have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Congress, and she is confident that the results on June 4 will reflect this support.

Singh accused the BJP of using unethical means to influence the election results, describing their attempts as unfortunate and unsuccessful in creating fear among the electorate. She emphasized that despite attempts to undermine democracy through financial power, the people’s power has prevailed.

According to Singh, the Congress has fought these elections with great strength, and the significant turnout in favor of the party is evident. She assured that if there has been no tampering with the EVMs, the election results in both the state and the country will be unexpectedly favorable to the Congress.

Singh confidently declared that Vikramaditya Singh’s victory in the Mandi parliamentary seat is assured and that he will win by a record margin. She stated that the people of Mandi have always supported the Congress and continue to do so. Vikramaditya Singh’s vision for the development of Mandi has resonated with the voters, who have shown their full support through their votes.

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