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Congress Misusing Government Properties and Election Commission Turning  Blind Eye: BJP Spokesperson Vivek Sharma

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Solan: BJP spokesperson Vivek Sharma has accused the Congress of violating election guidelines by displaying political materials on government properties in Solan. Sharma claimed that despite election rules prohibiting the publication of political content on government assets, Congress posters and materials are visible on such properties in Solan. He criticized the local administration for being a mute spectator and external observers for acting like Congress allies.

Sharma lamented the situation, stating that with the Congress government in power in the state, the administration appears helpless. He highlighted an incident in Dharamshala where approximately 200 police personnel were deployed around the residence of BJP candidate Sudhir Sharma, suggesting it was a move by the Sukhu government out of desperation due to their anticipated defeat.

Sharma warned the administrative officials, reminding them that their conduct will be reviewed and that government changes are inevitable. He urged them to perform their duties with integrity and remove the political materials from government buildings immediately. He also suggested that permissions for political advertisements on private properties should be checked, given that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is visiting Solan. He cautioned officials against compromising their duties for political favoritism, emphasizing that one day their Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) will be in the hands of the BJP.

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