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“Congress Leader Sanjay Awasthi Asserts People’s Strength Will Prevail in State Elections”

Shimla, April 27: Pradesh Congress Executive President and Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi has stated that this time, victory in the state will be of the people’s strength, not financial muscle. He asserted that public sentiment in favor of Congress in the state is strong, and any conspiracy by the BJP is bound to fail.

Awasthi remarked today that Congress in the state is completely united, and BJP cannot sow discord anymore. He pointed out that BJP has come to the backfoot entirely in the state and lacks any significant agenda. The attempts by BJP to destabilize the Congress-led state government under Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu through a conspiracy will face a resounding defeat in these elections.

Awasthi criticized BJP for imposing six by-elections on the state, disrespecting people’s sentiments. He expressed confidence that the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Sukkhu will complete its term. In the upcoming by-elections for all four Lok Sabha and six Vidhan Sabha seats, Congress will wave the flag of victory.

Accusing BJP of making sensational statements against Congress’ manifesto, Awasthi mentioned that the nation acknowledges Congress’ significant contribution to its development. BJP failed to fulfill any of its promises during its 10-year tenure. Neither did anyone receive 15 lakh rupees nor did 2 crore people get employment every year. The rising inflation, unemployment, and deteriorating economy are the direct results of BJP’s policies and decisions, which the country is suffering from today.

Awasthi predicted that the election results on June 4th will be in favor of Congress, and the government under Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu will emerge stronger in the state. The Chief Minister has fulfilled the promise of providing OPS to employees and guaranteeing 1500 rupees to women, for which he deserves congratulations.

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