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Congress Leader Sanjay Awasthi Asserts BJP’s Machinations Won’t Succeed in Himachal

Shimla, April 28 – Sanjay Awasthi, Executive President and Chief Parliamentary Secretary of the Pradesh Congress, declared that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) attempts to manipulate and destabilize the government in Himachal Pradesh will not bear fruit. He emphasized that BJP will no longer be able to buy off any leaders or legislators from the Congress.

Awasthi asserted that any nefarious schemes by the BJP aimed at destabilizing the Congress government and undermining democracy will be exposed in the court of public opinion. He criticized six Congress legislators for betraying the trust of the people of Himachal Pradesh, stating that they will now face the consequences of their actions.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Awasthi accused the BJP of trying to mislead the public with its manifesto, while affirming that Congress’s vision, encapsulated in its manifesto promising five guarantees and 25 assurances, has garnered the trust of the nation. He suggested that the election results of the two phases indicate a tilt towards the Indian National Congress alliance, sparking concerns within the BJP.

Awasthi confidently predicted that the BJP will fail to form a government at the center this time. He asserted that Congress will emerge victorious on all four Lok Sabha seats in the state and will also win the six by-elections.

Reflecting on the past BJP government’s tenure, Awasthi criticized their actions of selling papers under the guise of job opportunities, especially targeting unemployed youth. He also highlighted BJP’s anti-women policies and their attempt to halt the Women’s Honor Fund, which was ultimately rejected by the Election Commission.

Awasthi concluded by urging the people of Himachal Pradesh to see through BJP’s divisive politics and abandon their dreams of power, recognizing the detrimental impact of BJP’s policies on the state.

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