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Congress Declared JEEO IT Result: Sanjay Awasthi

Sanjay Awasthi, the Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Executive President of the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee, stated that it is due to the efforts of the current Congress government that the results of the JEEO IT examination, which had been stalled for years, have been declared. He mentioned that due to the mismanagement of the previous BJP government, the matter had reached the court, causing distress to the lakhs of participants in this examination. However, the current state government pursued the matter in court with eminent lawyers from across the country and stood firm on the side of the youth of the state.

Awasthi stated that it was the efforts of the government that led the court to permit the announcement of the examination results, and now the State Selection Commission has declared the results of this examination. He criticized the previous BJP government, alleging that it only created problems for the state. Due to wrong policies, the results of many examinations during their tenure were stuck in legal battles. He alleged irregularities in police recruitment examinations and misconduct in the Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission. He mentioned that during the five years of Jai Ram Thakur’s tenure, the youth were neglected, leading to deception and preferential treatment of the wealthy in job appointments.

The Executive President of the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee stated that the current state government dissolved the Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission to prevent deception against the youth and established the Himachal Pradesh State Selection Commission in its place. Under this, recruitment examinations will be conducted transparently, and jobs will be provided to deserving youth based on merit. He assured that the current state government will take every possible step to safeguard the interests of the youth.

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