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Congress Candidate Vikramaditya Singh Criticizes PM Modi’s Mandi Visit

May 23, Mandi : Public Works Minister and Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to Mandi, stating that Modi will likely make superficial comments about local delicacies like “Sepu Badi” and praise Mandi before returning to Delhi. Singh noted that during the recent disaster, the Prime Minister did not offer any words of consolation or sympathy for the affected people. Singh accused Modi of making grand statements and throwing out new catchphrases to garner votes. He expressed confidence that the mandate is with the Congress, and he will win the seat over the BJP.

Addressing election rallies in Nachan Kanaid and Mahadev, Vikramaditya Singh also targeted the BJP candidate for using inappropriate language. He remarked that while she claims to be the “daughter of Mandi” to solicit votes, her behavior and language do not reflect the values of Mandi’s culture or its women. Singh stated that her actions insult the local culture and the female community, causing distress among BJP leaders as well. He noted that she treats fellow party members as if they are her subordinates.

Singh emphasized his strong resolve and clear goals, contrasting this with the BJP candidate’s lack of vision and developmental plans for the region. He criticized her for failing to address key issues and merely praising Prime Minister Modi, even making ridiculous claims such as Modi preventing a third world war.

Singh pledged to advocate for the resolution of discrepancies in the One Rank One Pension scheme for soldiers once elected as an MP. His priorities include the establishment of a Himachal Regiment in the army, setting up a military academy and a CSD depot in the Mandi parliamentary area, and developing Mandi into a smart city. He also aims to open a medical and nursing college in Kullu and build cold storage and fruit processing facilities. Singh assured that he would leave no stone unturned in making the Mandi parliamentary constituency the best in the country.

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