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Congress Asserts Dominance in Himachal: BJP’s Ambitions Dashed

Shimla, April 21. The Executive President of the Pradesh Congress, Sanjay Awasthi, has said that the BJP will not succeed in any of its schemes. He said that the Congress government still has a complete majority, and after the election results on June 4, the Congress government will be even stronger. BJP should give up its dreams of coming to power.

Sanjay Awasthi, while advising former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, said that he has no right to disrespect the sentiments of the people of the state. The people of the state have placed Congress in power with a complete majority. The Congress government is completely stable and strong and will complete its term. He said that the people of the state will thwart all the plans of the BJP. He said that the people of the state will avenge the BJP’s schemes in these elections. He said that the election results on June 4 will completely favor Congress.

Awasthi, in a meeting today with party officials and workers at the Pradesh Congress office, said that they will have to give a strong answer to any defamation by the BJP. He said that they will have to provide solid information about its financial strength to the Pradesh Congress Committee’s war room in a timely manner so that they can stop this unethical work in time and protect democracy. He said that the BJP will try its best to influence the elections in the state with its financial strength, and all Congress people will have to keep a close eye on it. He said that although the people of the state have already rejected the financial strength of the BJP and will not fall into any of the BJP’s traps, it is still very important to keep an eye on any of its conspiracies.

Awasthi said that under the skilled leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukh, the government has fulfilled its commitment to the welfare of the employees by issuing OPS to the employees and Rs 1500 respect amount to the women. He said that the government has provided employment opportunities to more than 22,000 unemployed youth in its 15-month tenure. He said that the welfare policies and decisions of the state government should be delivered to every household. He urged all party officials to fulfill their responsibilities with unity, dedication, and honesty. He said that special recognition will be given by the organization to all officials of the block where the party performs best.”

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