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Congress Announces Candidates for Two Lok Sabha Seats in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, April 15: The Congress party has announced candidates for two out of four Lok Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh, while candidates for the remaining two seats are yet to be finalized. Pradesh Congress Committee President Pratibha Singh stated that the party will soon select candidates for the remaining two seats, with a report from the high command’s survey also taken into consideration. Candidates who are capable and have a strong chance of winning will be fielded promptly.

Speaking to journalists, Pratibha Singh revealed that Vikramaditya Singh has been nominated as the candidate from Mandi constituency this time. The people of Mandi have consistently supported the Congress party in the past. She expressed confidence that just like the late Veer Bhadra Singh, who was also a Member of Parliament from Mandi, Vikramaditya Singh will also receive the affection of the people of Mandi.

Furthermore, while commenting on the BJP’s election manifesto, Pratibha Singh remarked that in the previous two elections, the BJP made several promises to the people regarding employment and controlling inflation, none of which have been fulfilled to date. She emphasized that the people of the country are intelligent and know whom to vote for.

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