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Congress Accuses BJP of Degrading Political Discourse in Himachal

Meheshwar Chauhan, Deputy President of Pradesh Congress and Co-Chair of Congress Election War Room, has accused the BJP of continuously lowering the standard of politics and propaganda in Himachal Pradesh. He criticized the BJP for using derogatory language and statements against Congress leaders. Chauhan condemned the manner in which the BJP candidate from Mandi addressed the Congress candidate, stating that it was reprehensible in a democracy.

Speaking to the media, Chauhan highlighted that Vikramaditya Singh is an elected MLA and serves as the Minister for Rural Development and Urban Development in the state government. Any comments made about him should be within the bounds of decency. Chauhan warned the BJP that Vikramaditya Singh is Congress’s strategic weapon, whom Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukku Thakur and Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri have deployed in the political battlefield of Mandi. The BJP and Kangana Ranaut will realize his political acumen on June 4.

He further stated that the BJP made unsuccessful attempts to destabilize the elected government of the state, thereby revealing its true character and face to the public.

Chauhan criticized the state government for coercing the Election Commission to halt the disbursement of the Rs. 1500 respect fund for women. He accused them of resorting to such low politics to divert public attention due to the lack of issues in the elections.

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