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Congress Accuses BJP of Attempting to Mislead People

Shimla, May 4: Sanjay Awasthi, the Pradesh Congress executive president and chief parliamentary secretary, has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being completely rattled by the Congress manifesto and attempting to mislead people. He stated that in the two phases of elections held in the country so far, the BJP’s defeat is evident, and now they are trying to divide people on the basis of caste and religion.

Awasthi criticized the statement made by BJP’s state president Rajeev Bindal, in which he allegedly accused the Congress manifesto of appeasing both majority and minority communities, terming it baseless. He asserted that the Congress has always stood for equality in the country. He further stated that Bindal is trying to spread fear among the majority community for his political gain. Congress is fighting for justice in the country, and any injustice will be vehemently opposed, he added. The BJP is undermining the constitution of the country, which will not be tolerated, he emphasized.

Awasthi stated that Congress is fully committed to safeguarding the interests of minority communities in the country. However, this does not mean that any rights of the majority community will be infringed upon. He reiterated that the constitution of the country grants us the right to equality, which cannot be violated by anyone. The BJP is attempting to sow hatred between the minority and majority communities in the country, but it will never succeed, he remarked.

Awasthi remarked that the BJP is completely demoralized in the state. He said that the BJP has no issues against the Congress for the elections. Hence, they are making a concerted effort to mislead people with the Congress manifesto. He said that under the leadership of Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the Congress government is fully in power, and the results of the elections on June 4 will be in favor of the Congress, leaving the BJP red-faced. He emphasized that victory will be of people’s power, not financial power, both at the national and state levels.

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