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Cong Candidate Vikramaditya Singh Criticizes Kangana Ranaut

 Promises Development for Mandi Constituency

Mandi, May 18, 2024: Congress candidate and Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh criticized Kangana Ranaut, stating that effective public service requires significant time commitment, which she lacks. Singh mentioned that post-election on June 4, Ranaut’s film shoot will be wrapped up. He pointed out her previous interviews where she did not identify herself as belonging to Himachal Pradesh despite now claiming to be its daughter. Singh accused her of lacking empathy for the local people, especially during disasters, and highlighted her demand of ₹45 lakh per day from the former BJP government to be the state ambassador.

Addressing rallies in Salong Nala, Jagat Sukh, and Manali, Singh criticized BJP for sidelining senior leaders to field an actress known for controversies. He emphasized that Himachal Pradesh’s cultural and religious values do not accept individuals with controversial backgrounds. Singh, with a vision for development, aims to boost eco-friendly tourism in Manali and make the Mandi constituency the best in the country.

Singh highlighted the damage caused by disasters to roads, bridges, and buildings and praised the government’s swift response in aiding affected people and tourists. He reiterated Congress’s achievements, including the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) for employees and a ₹1500 honorarium for women, and mentioned plans for a medical and nursing college in Kullu and tunnel constructions at Jolri Jot and Bhugu Jot to enhance tourist accessibility.

Manali MLA Bhuwaneshwar Gaur expressed confidence in Singh’s victory with a significant lead from Manali. He accused BJP of trying to destabilize the Congress government and predicted their defeat in the upcoming elections. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President Jeetu Patwari criticized BJP for not addressing real issues and using the Ram Temple for political gains, emphasizing that the temple’s construction was based on a court decision and the locks were opened by then-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Patwari asserted that the India Alliance will form the next government and Singh will play a crucial role in it.

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