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Community Collaboration Leads to Quick Resolution: Water ATM Near Lalpani School Fixed

Shimla, March 29 Ritanjali Hastir

In Lalpani, Shimla, residents express frustration over the non-functional water ATM installed opposite the Shiv Mandir near Lalpani School. Rajiv Pandit, a resident of the ward, highlighted the issue, stating that he has already written to the Shimla Municipal Corporation regarding the matter, urging either repairs or relocation of the ATM to the school premises for optimal usage.

Municipal Commissioner of Shimla, Bhupinder Attri, responded by expressing unawareness of the situation, mentioning that had it been brought to his attention earlier, necessary actions would have been taken. He suggested that some water ATMs are maintained by SJPNL (Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited), implying that this particular ATM might also fall under their jurisdiction. However, he assured that he would investigate the matter.

In response, the SJPNL authority assured that they would address the issue promptly. They also stated their willingness to relocate the ATM to the school premises if requested by the school authorities.  Chauhan, in charge of the matter, promptly took action to make the ATM functional the next day after it was brought to their attention.

The incident underscores the importance of prompt action by civic authorities to address community concerns. It also highlights the need for effective communication between residents, local authorities, and service providers to ensure the smooth functioning of essential public amenities like water ATMs.

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