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Commends Young Mountaineers for promoting adventure tourism in State

Commends Young Mountaineers for promoting adventure tourism in State

Mountaineers, who recently climbed the 6303 meter high Chau Chau Kang Nilda peak in Lahaul-Spiti of Himachal Pradesh, paid a courtesy visit to Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla at Raj Bhavan today. This group included Rahul, Nikita Thakur and Ishani from Shimla district and Shubham Bisht from Mandi district.

The Governor congratulated the young mountaineers, praising their commendable efforts in promoting in promoting adventure tourism activities in the state. He highlighted that Himachal Pradesh is home to many unexplored mountain peaks that remain largely unknown to tourists and mountaineers. He emphasized that while many mountaineers from worldwide often choose Nepal for their expeditions because they are not aware about the existence of such places in Himachal Pradesh. He said that Himachal too is blessed with scenic as well as many adventure sights which offer equally majestic and challenging peaks that deserve recognition.

He said that Himachal Pradesh is well-known among tourists, and promoting mountaineering activities could attract global attention and significantly boost tourism in the state. This would, in turn, positively impact the state’s economy.

He stressed the importance of creating a strong network to support these activities, ensuring both the necessary facilities and safety measures are in place. Additionally, he called for increased publicity to raise awareness about these opportunities among potential adventurers worldwide.

These young mountaineers also shared their experiences with the Governor.

Secretary to the Governor Rajesh Sharma was also present on the occasion.

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