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Collective efforts empower communities in combating HIV and AIDS: Rajiv Kumar

Project Director of Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society Shimla, Rajiv Kumar today chaired a two-day Capacity Building Program and Treatment Literacy Workshop at the Himachal Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Training Institute in Parimahal, Shimla. The event, themed ‘My Health-My Responsibility,’ aimed at strengthening the community system to combat the virus.

Rajiv Kumar said that the aim of this workshop was to bring district-level networks, state-level networks and individuals living with HIV together. He said that through this initiative, the society underscores its commitment to empowering stakeholders and enhancing the efficacy of HIV treatment and prevention strategies across the state. By doing so, HIV-positive people across the state can collaborate to prevent the spread of the infection and become more aware of their rights and available facilities.

The Project Director urged all participants to organize and register district-level groups as soon as possible. He said that it’s crucial for HIV-positive individuals to actively participate in controlling the spread of the infection. Therefore, people must ensure they get tested for HIV, as only through collective efforts can the disease be eradicated.

During the workshop, detailed discussions were held about the treatment and literacy program “My Health – My Responsibility.” Experts and doctors from the National Collaboration of People Living with HIV in India and the YRG Center for AIDS Research and Education shared crucial information with the participants. Apart from this they also provided guidance on necessary precautions for HIV-positive people, anti-retroviral medications and essential aspects of lifestyle, mental, physical health and nutrition.

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