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CM’s Wife Kamlesh Thakur Files Nomination as Congress Candidate

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Dehra. Kamlesh Thakur, wife of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu, filed her nomination as a Congress candidate from the Dehra assembly constituency on Friday. During this time, Congress treasurer and former candidate Dr. Rajesh Sharma was also present. Addressing a large public gathering, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu said that by-elections are going to be held in three assembly constituencies.

People of Dehra should ask the former MLA who pressured him to resign and imposed a by-election. I have done every job of the former independent MLA. Dehra is now mine, my wife is contesting from here. Dehra will write a new history. Dehra is just beginning, this is not the end. When the announcement was made to build a geological park worth 680 crore rupees in Ban Khandi in Dehra, it was not thought that elections would be fought from here. 2000 youth will get employment in this geological park. He said that on June 26, a program will be organized in Jwalamukhi and 1500 rupees will be deposited in the accounts of 10000 women along with arrears and the money of Dehra’s women will be received after the election.

The Chief Minister said that you sent the independent MLA Hoshiar Singh twice from here. An independent MLA can support any party, he has no compulsion on him, but Dehra’s MLA Hoshiar Singh is sold in the BJP’s political mandi. Three-four months ago, he came to me and started screaming loudly that it is my resort, give way from the forest land. He used to talk about money every time he came to me.

Hoshiar said that he spends 15 crore rupees every month. He lies, if he had spent 15 crore rupees, people would not have to face many difficulties including transformer and electricity. The Chief Minister said that Hoshiar Singh has bought the BJP’s lotus and the bought lotus does not bloom. Hoshiar Singh will not even be seen now to get work done. People sent him to five years, why did he sell his legislator.

When the public stands up, it throws away big dictators. He said that SP office and SWDB office have started in Dehra. Soon more plans will be brought to the area. He said that you win Kamlesh Thakur and send Dehra’s 25-year darkness away. The Chief Minister said that the work of the Central University was stopped for ten years, which he started after becoming the Chief Minister. He said that the state government is going to spend a lot of money on tourism at Pong Dam.

He said that my powerhouse, people are there. Dehra has a relationship with me and I am the son-in-law here. The Chief Minister said that Hoshiar Singh is sold in the BJP’s political mandi. One of his attaches has come and the other is somewhere else. That is why the effect of money will be used in the election. He said that they will distribute money, you can take the money because it is your money, but vote for the Congress party. Congress candidate Kamlesh Thakur said that the Congress party has placed a very big responsibility on her shoulders by making her a candidate from Dehra and she has full confidence that the people of the region will make ‘Dehra Ki Beti’ successful by blessing her. Kamlesh Thakur said, “Now the attention has come to my in-laws’ house. The ravages of Kanga, Hamirpur are that the attention that does not send empty hands. Take care and bless me.

Thinking that one sister strengthens the hands. You bless me.” The Congress candidate said, “My childhood was spent here. As it was in the days of my childhood, today Dehra is the same. Nothing has changed. The development that has taken place has only been in the Congress governments.” She said that for many years we have been hearing that Dehra is no longer yours. But I say that I am Dehra’s and Dehra’s. I will serve Dehra with life. You have kept one sister in mind and will keep the full attention of Dehra. Congress candidate Kamlesh Thakur said that she does not feel like returning to her parents’ home. Now Dehra needs change, development is needed. He said that when the river of development is flowing across the state in the Congress government, then why is Dehra lagging behind. You walk with the Congress and Dehra will not be left behind. This promise I make to you.

She said that an SP will sit in Dehra. SWDB will sit and the work of the people will be here. The Congress government will make plans for the development of Dehra and ensure its development. This is my promise.” Kamlesh Thakur said that this fight is between a sold leader and me and I hope you will support the Congress party. Will give the full attention of his mind. He said that the solution to the problems of Dehra is constantly talking to the Chief Minister and after winning the election, I will solve the problems of the people of the area by staying in Dehra itself. At the end of his speech, Kamlesh Thakur also chanted slogans of the Congress party and top leaders of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu.

He said that I am a cultured daughter of Dehra, so I will not take my husband’s name from the stage, on which the activists clapped loudly. On this occasion, many former MLAs including Yograj, along with dozens of BJP workers, expressed faith in Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu’s leadership by holding hands with the Congress party.

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