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CM: Shinkula Tunnel Receives Environmental Clearance Due to State Government’s Efforts

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhoo has announced that the path to the construction of the Shinkula Tunnel has been cleared due to the efforts of the state government. He stated that the central government has provided environmental clearance for the construction of a 4.1 km tunnel to connect Lahaul and Ladakh. The Chief Minister highlighted that the state government prioritized the construction of this crucial tunnel and appointed special officers to obtain approval from the central government. It is due to the efforts of the state government that the tunnel has received environmental clearance. He further mentioned that along with the tunnel, a helipad and office complex will also be constructed. The South portal of the tunnel, along with approximately 3800 meters of the tunnel, will be located in Himachal Pradesh.

The Chief Minister emphasized that the construction of this tunnel will enable travel to Ladakh in all weather conditions, providing the shortest route to the centrally governed region of Ladakh. This will also facilitate vehicular movement even during snowfall. He stated that the construction of the Shinkula Tunnel is crucial from a strategic perspective as well, as it will enhance the visibility and audibility of security forces. The tunnel will be constructed below the Shinkula Pass at an altitude of 4800 meters above sea level. The Chief Minister highlighted that the construction of the tunnel will boost tourism activities in the Lahaul region, leading to improved economic conditions and a better standard of living for the residents. He mentioned that the state government is prioritizing the construction of tunnels in various parts of the state to provide better facilities to both residents and tourists.

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