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CM inaugurates “Indira’s Himachal-Towards New Frontiers” photo exhibition in Shimla

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Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu inaugurated photo exhibition titled “Indira’s Himachal-Towards New Frontiers” at Padam Complex on the historic ridge in Shimla. He said that this exhibition was organized to pay tribute to the pivotal role of Indira Gandhi in the developmental journey of country and her love for Himachal Pradesh.
Chief Minister said that the exhibition depicts Smt. Indira Gandhi’s contribution towards nation building after post-independence era. He said that this exhibition brings new and fresh aspects of her courageous life, her struggles, her lasting legacy and her close relationship with the people and State of Himachal Pradesh. He said that Indira Gandhi was the first Prime Minister who sacrificed her life while serving the Nation.
The photographs in the exhibition are mostly from the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust (IGMT) archives, New Delhi.
He further said that Indira Gandhi’s spiritual bond with Himachal Pradesh was profound. Her wish to retire in the hills of Mashobra and her son Rajiv Gandhi’s fulfillment of scattering her ashes over the Himalayas highlight her deep-rooted love for Himachal
The narrative captures her life journey through images to her emerging social and political role in the political arena until 1966, when she became India’s first woman Prime Minister. Subsequent sections focus on her life as Prime Minister over three terms, 1966-71, 1971-77 and 1980-84, along with her interim years as Opposition leader from 1977-80.
The Chief Minister stated that Indira Gandhi’s profound connection with Himachal Pradesh and her visionary efforts in transforming it were noteworthy. He said that under her leadership Himachal Pradesh became the 18th state of India, officially attaining statehood on January 25, 1971, a significant historic milestone. It shows the bonding and love of Indira Gandhi for Himachal Pradesh as she endured her presence on the historic ridge to mark the celebration of Statehood Say despite Heavy Snowfall.
Shri Sukhu said that her development initiatives significantly enhanced the state’s power capacity and boosted agricultural productivity, ensuring food security and strengthening socio-economic development of the farmers. In addition to infrastructure, Indira Gandhi prioritized education and healthcare, leading to the establishment of prestigious institutions in the State which have grown into pillars of excellence as of now stated the Chief Minister.
Chief Minister also praised Eka Archiving Services for displaying the exhibition featuring a remarkable collection of photographs, vividly showcases Indira Gandhi’s unwavering commitment to the progress and prosperity of Himachal. It solidifies her enduring legacy as the “Daughter of the Himalayas.
Political Advisor to Chief Minister Sunil Sharma, Vice Chairman, State Forest Development Corporation Kehar Singh Khachi, Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthy, MLA Harish Janartha, Mayor Shimla Municipal Corporation Surender Chauhan, Deputy Mayor Uma Kaushal , OSD to Chief Minister Ritesh Kapret, Deputy Commissioner Shimla Anupam Kashyap and other senior officers were present on the occasion.

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