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Children Learn Lessons of Water Conservation and Waste Management During Bag-Free Day: Kanchan Bala

Bilaspur, April 27: A painting competition was organized by the “Vyas Eco Club” at the Government Senior Secondary School in Raghunathpura. The theme of the painting competition was “water conservation and waste management.” Children enthusiastically participated in the competition during the bag-free day.

The competition was organized under the supervision of the school’s principal, Ashok Kumar Kanth, and conducted by the Vyas Eco Club coordinator, TGT Kanchan Bala. She mentioned that Shivangi from the seventh grade secured the first position, Rishav from the sixth grade secured the second position, and Parul from the sixth grade secured the third position in the competition. She also mentioned that during this event, recreational activities and waste management activities were conducted for the children at the school.

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