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Chief Minister Urges Opposition Leader to Prioritize MLAs’ Concerns

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Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu attended the nomination rally of Congress candidate Pushpinder Verma in Hamirpur, sought public support

Hamirpur. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukkhu said that opposition leader Jai Ram Thakur should abandon dreams of forming a government. We have 38 MLAs. Jai Ram is misleading people regarding the ongoing CPS case in the High Court. Jai Ram should be concerned about his nine MLAs against whom there is a petition pending with the Assembly Speaker. During the last budget session, BJP’s nine MLAs engaged in hooliganism in the Assembly by tearing papers placed on the table in front of the Speaker. Speaker needs to decide on the petition submitted by Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi. The Congress legislative party has urged for a quick decision on this matter. If these nine MLAs are declared ineligible, they will mistakenly win again in the by-elections. This could raise the number of Congress MLAs to 50.

The Chief Minister addressed the nomination rally of Congress candidate Dr. Pushpinder Verma here. He said that former independent MLA Ashish Sharma is the biggest mining mafia of Hamirpur. He owns 5-6 crushers and has emptied all the quarries; big stones are not seen anymore. Former corrupt MLA Ashish has made his mentor Rajendra Rana. It would have been good if he had made Prem Kumar Dhumal his mentor, because it was with his blessings that Ashish earned money.

He said that they will not let the public’s property be looted. Every thief of corruption will be closed. In Hamirpur, we have introduced Pushpinder Verma as an honest candidate in the electoral field. Whatever work he indicates will be done in the Assembly. I am grateful to the people of Himachal Pradesh who kept democracy alive in the last elections. Former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur did not leave any stone unturned to overthrow the government through Operation Lotus, but the government is running with the blessings of the people. Six corrupt former MLAs used to blackmail for their work, they never raised people’s issues. Four of them have been sidelined by the people in the recent by-elections. Now three by-elections are being held, once again it is the work of the people to sit these three independent MLAs at home. The people of Hamirpur should teach the former corrupt MLAs a lesson.

He said that the corrupt former MLA always talked about tender, showed off his MLA’s charisma on officers. The former independent MLA of Hamirpur has sold himself in the BJP’s political market. I gave everything in Hamirpur which the former MLA demanded, because Hamirpur is my home. It is time to teach a lesson to the former MLA of this district. Powerful candidates have been fielded on all three seats, we will win these seats.

The people of Hamirpur are very intelligent, they want their Chief Minister, but the elected MLAs sell themselves in the political market. He said that Rs 1500 will be deposited in the accounts of women. Leaving the Hamirpur Assembly seat
District 4500 rupees in the account of other four assembly areas of women on June 26 A program will be organized in Jwalamukhi. The district deputy vice chairman, who was presented with a district. He left BJP Congress. Pradesh said that honest candidates are. You blessings. sold to the Sabha. Sabha to is running, been.

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