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Chief Minister Receives ‘Pride of Peacock is Glory of India’ Artwork

Shimla, May 3: Former Additional Advocate General of Punjab, renowned author, environmentalist, and nature artist Harpreet Sandhu presented an exquisite artwork symbolizing the inseparable bond between nature and humanity to Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhhu at his official residence today. The artwork, titled “Pride of Peacock is Glory of India,” depicts the national bird of India, the peacock, with the aim of emphasizing the need to strengthen the unbreakable connection between nature and humans.

The significant painting beautifully portrays the majestic peacock. Accepting the artwork that sheds light on the subject of ‘Pride of Peacock is Glory of India,’ the Chief Minister appreciated Harpreet Sandhu’s efforts in encapsulating the essence of India’s national bird in art. He acknowledged the need to popularize its beauty and stressed the importance of protecting the natural habitats of peacocks.

Expressing gratitude, the Chief Minister remarked on the privilege of having the peacock as India’s national bird. He emphasized that the primary objective of such endeavors is to raise awareness for the conservation of peacock habitats and implement measures to ensure that future generations can admire the splendor of the national bird.

The artwork presentation ceremony marked a poignant moment where art and environmental consciousness converged, underscoring the significance of preserving India’s rich biodiversity for generations to come.

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