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BJP’s ‘Operation Lots’ Fails Miserably, Says Industry Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan

Shimla, April 2: Industry Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan has declared that BJP’s ‘Operation Lots’ has ended in a complete failure. He stated that BJP’s attempts to destabilize the state Congress government have backfired. Congress is poised to wave its victory flag in all six Lok Sabha seats along with six out of six legislative assembly by-polls.

Addressing a press conference today at the Pradesh Congress office, Rajiv Bhawan, Harsh Vardhan Chauhan affirmed that the state Congress government holds an absolute majority and will complete its term successfully. He asserted that Congress will emerge victorious in these elections based on its 15-month achievements.

Harsh Vardhan Chauhan emphasized the historic fulfillment of promises by the Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government in its first cabinet meeting by guaranteeing employees’ OPS. He highlighted the initiation of the second guarantee, which commenced with providing Rs. 1500 to women from Lahaul-Spiti district. He expressed disappointment that BJP obstructed this initiative, indicating BJP’s lack of concern for women’s welfare.

The Industry Minister elaborated on the government’s approval of 22,000 posts during its 15-month tenure, assuring the creation of one lakh jobs. He affirmed that the government is committed to fulfilling all its promises.

Harsh Vardhan Chauhan revealed that out of 68 constituencies, 45 have shown progress in establishing day boarding schools, a promise made by Congress. Additionally, exemplary hospitals with specialist facilities have been opened across the state to enhance healthcare services. He reiterated Congress’s commitment to fulfill all its guarantees.

Responding to a query, Harsh Vardhan Chauhan affirmed that no Congress MLA will defect to BJP. He emphasized that those who switch sides have betrayed the trust of their constituents who voted for them on Congress tickets. He warned that such betrayal will not be forgiven by the people of their constituencies, and they will have to face the consequences in these by-elections.

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