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BJP-Supported Hamirpur Municipal President Manoj, Councilor Rajkumar Join Congress

Hamirpur: In a significant development, Hamirpur Municipal Corporation President Manoj Minhas, accompanied by his wife Nisha Minhas and Ward No. 2 councilor Rajkumar, switched allegiance to the Congress party on Wednesday, expressing dissatisfaction with the policies of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukku’s government. Manoj and Rajkumar’s defection to Congress comes as a blow to the BJP, particularly after several Congress legislators were offered BJP tickets.

Chief Minister Sukku personally welcomed Manoj Minhas, Nisha Minhas, and Rajkumar into the Congress fold, recognizing their dedication and commitment to the welfare of the people. Manoj praised the Chief Minister’s 15-month tenure, acknowledging the government’s focus on public welfare and development initiatives.

Expressing his disappointment with the defection of six opportunistic Congress legislators to BJP, Manoj highlighted their self-serving motives and lack of dedication towards public service. He emphasized that the government’s priority should always be the welfare of the people, and those who betray public trust for personal gain must be held accountable.

Manoj assured that he would work shoulder to shoulder with the Chief Minister to accelerate development in Hamirpur city. He emphasized the need to expedite stalled projects and transform the city’s infrastructure. The Chief Minister echoed his sentiments, reaffirming the government’s commitment to prioritize Hamirpur’s development and ensure that its residents benefit from various welfare schemes.

Present during the defection were former Congress candidate Dr. Pushpinder Verma, Pankaj Minhas, Vivek Katoch, Sutikshan Verma, and Vikas Latth.

Manoj’s recent post:

“BJP’s neglect of old workers, tagging them as ‘banda’ (flock), and giving importance to opportunists has left many workers disillusioned, leading them to join other parties. An example of this is our childhood friend Giridhari Lal Verma, who has joined the Congress party under the leadership of Pushpinder Verma. It is said that he has not placed any conditions on taking any position. He was only disheartened by sycophants, flatterers, and liars.”

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