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Bahra University Mechanical and Automobile Students Visit HRTC Workshop at Taradevi

Shimla, May 23, 2024: Students from the Mechanical and Automobile Engineering departments of Bahra University recently visited the HRTC workshop at Taradevi. This educational tour provided invaluable insights into the operations and managerial aspects of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC).

The visit was a significant learning experience, offering students the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, observe maintenance procedures, and understand the latest technologies in transport management. This hands-on experience is expected to enhance the students’ appreciation and understanding of the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom.

Dr. Bhagat, Director General of Bahra University, emphasized the importance of such industrial visits in complementing theoretical knowledge. “These tours are organized to enhance the students’ practical understanding and provide them with real-world insights into mechanical and automobile engineering,” he stated.

The visit was led by the heads of the Mechanical Department, Engineer Gautam, and Prashant Chaudhary. During the tour, students gained a comprehensive understanding of modern equipment, observed the intricate workings of heavy machinery, and monitored strict quality control measures. They also engaged in extensive discussions with the workshop head, further enriching their learning experience.

The educational visit aimed to familiarize students with the complexities of mechanical and automobile manufacturing processes and operations, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers.

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