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Bahra University Launches Himachal’s First Embryology, Nutrigenetics, and AI Programs

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Solan, July 6, 2024 — Bahra University, Waknaghat (HP), in partnership with the Institute of Translational Health Science (ITHS) and EmbryoGenesis – Infertility Diagnostic & Research, has announced the launch of Himachal Pradesh’s first comprehensive Clinical Embryology program. This initiative aims to provide cutting-edge education and research opportunities in Embryology, Nutrigenetics, and Stem Cell studies, exploring the relationship between nutrition, genetics, and stem cells.

Chancellor Gurvinder Singh Bahra highlighted that the Nutrigenetics program includes a range of courses tailored to various academic and professional levels. The university has also introduced the region’s first B.Tech CSE program in Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft, ensuring students have access to the latest scientific advancements and industry standards at an affordable cost.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Satbir Singh Sehgal emphasized that these new courses are designed to revolutionize education and research in North India, making the region a leader in these fields. The comprehensive curriculum, developed by experts, provides students with practical skills and access to advanced laboratories, preparing them for careers in academia, research, healthcare, and industry.

Dr. Pulakes Purkait, head of translational health sciences, stated that the programs offer an in-depth exploration of cancer, from molecular underpinnings to therapeutic strategies, for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students.

Mr. Karun Tadepalli, CEO of ByteXL, remarked on the importance of educating the next generation of engineers to meet future technological needs, emphasizing the role of creativity and imagination in adapting to the evolving job market.

These collaborations are expected to significantly enhance students’ success in placements and societal impact.

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