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Army Training Command Dedicates ‘Veerta Sthal’ Thematic Park in Shimla to Honor Soldiers

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Shimla, June 14, 2024 — In a solemn and proud ceremony, the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) dedicated the ‘Veerta Sthal’ Thematic Park to honor the unparalleled contributions and sacrifices of Indian soldiers. The dedication was led by Lieutenant General Manjinder Singh, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, ARTRAC, who holds the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, and Vishisht Seva Medal.

The ‘Veerta Sthal’ Thematic Park stands as a testament to the bravery and commitment of the soldiers who form the backbone of the Indian Army. Located in Shimla, this park not only pays homage to the valiant soldiers but also highlights the critical role ARTRAC plays in preparing soldiers to face contemporary and evolving challenges. From the moment a soldier joins the Army, ARTRAC ensures they receive rigorous training to safeguard the nation’s borders.

Himachal Pradesh has a long-standing tradition of contributing significantly to the Indian Army, making Shimla an ideal location for such a tribute. The ‘Veerta Sthal’ is designed to be a source of inspiration for the youth and visitors, encouraging them to appreciate the dedication and sacrifice inherent in military service.

The thematic park is conceptualized not just as a memorial but as a motivational space for the local populace and tourists alike. It aims to instill a sense of pride and respect for the Indian Army among visitors. The park’s design and exhibits are curated to engage and educate the youth about the importance of national defense and the rigorous training that soldiers undergo.

During the inauguration, Lieutenant General Manjinder Singh emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of soldiers and the significant role ARTRAC plays in national security. He remarked, “This park symbolizes our commitment to honoring our brave soldiers and serves as a reminder of the immense responsibilities borne by ARTRAC in training our troops.”

The event was attended by military officials, local dignitaries, and the citizens of Shimla, all of whom expressed their pride and support for the Indian Army. The park features various exhibits and installations that showcase the history, valor, and sacrifices of Indian soldiers, making it a valuable educational resource for all visitors.

The dedication of the ‘Veerta Sthal’ Thematic Park is a significant step in recognizing and honoring the contributions of Indian Army soldiers. It stands as a beacon of motivation and respect, not only for the residents of Himachal Pradesh but for the entire nation. As a tribute to the soldiers’ unwavering dedication, the park also underscores the vital role of ARTRAC in training and preparing soldiers to protect India’s sovereignty. This initiative reinforces the Army’s connection with the people and inspires future generations to appreciate and uphold the values of courage, duty, and patriotism.

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