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Acupressure workshop held at Shoolini Univ

Solan, May 3
The Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness (YSSH) at Shoolini University recently organised a transformative 5-day long Acupressure workshop.
The event garnered enthusiastic participation from over 40 students and faculty members, including the presence of Chancellor, Prof. P K Khosla, Mrs Saroj Khosla and President Innovation and Learning Mr. Ashish Khosla.
The workshop was based on both theoretical principles and practical applications of acupressure for alleviating various ailments in the human body.
The key expert facilitators for the workshop were from Orissa Swāsthya Seva Sangh (OSSS), Mr. Saumitra Das, Mr. Bikash Kumar Sahoo, Mrs. Leena Sahoo, and Miss Shreya Singh.
The sessions seamlessly blended interactive studies, practical applications, and moments of fun and enjoyment for all participants. From understanding the intricate connections between the human body and vital nerves to hands-on healing techniques, the workshop offered invaluable insights and skills.
Participants witnessed remarkable results as they applied their newfound knowledge, experiencing quick relief from their respective ailments during the daily treatment sessions. The simplified yet engaging teaching methodology captivated attendees, who dedicated three hours to learning and one hour to practice each day.
Dr. Saamdu Chetri, Director, Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness (YSSH) at Shoolini University, said, the purpose of Acupressure workshop was to enhance the knowledge of our Yoga Students and bring awareness of a different but subtle and effective type of treatment for Shoolinians.  Mr. Chetri further added that we are planning another workshop in January for faculty and staff to multiply its benefit to the Himalayan region, specially the free service for humanity in Himachal Pradesh.
There was also a foreigner visitor Alejander Stockhoder from Mexico who participated in the course. All participants were honored with Participation Certificates, marking their commitment to holistic healing practices.

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