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People Will Put BJP on Ventilator with Their Votes: Congress

Congress MLA asserts that BJP will be on ventilator after June

Chairman of the Seventh State Finance Commission Nand Lal and Chief Parliamentary Secretary Kishori Lal have stated that after June, BJP will be on ventilator as the public will put it there with their votes. Taking a dig at the opposition leader Jairam Thakur, they said that he is dreaming of becoming the Chief Minister. BJP has 25 legislators while Congress has 34, forming a majority government. The current government is not under any threat, and under the leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the Congress government will complete its full five-year term. The arithmetic in the assembly favors the Congress government, so BJP leaders should stop confusing the people of the state. After reaching the ventilator on June 4, BJP leaders will get an answer to their greed.

Nand Lal and Kishori Lal stated that the mask of BJP has been removed in front of the people of the state, and their greedy face has been revealed. They said that Congress will sweep all four Lok Sabha seats and six by-election seats, and Congress candidates will win by a wide margin. BJP tried to destabilize the current state government by using money and power, which has failed. They said that the people of the state will not forgive BJP for plotting against the elected government, and they will respond in the elections. In the upcoming elections, voters will only breathe after putting BJP on ventilator.

They said that by giving tickets to Congress party rebels, BJP has proved that it was behind the entire episode and BJP indulged in horse trading. BJP leaders are so blind with the desire for the chair that they are not even showing the disappointment of the BJP workers in giving party tickets to rebels. There is a volcano of opposition within BJP, which can erupt at any time. Therefore, the defeat of BJP candidates in the elections is certain, which no one can postpone. They said that in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress party will respond to the politics of money with the people’s power. BJP is completely fallen in the eyes of the public.

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