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Increase in Dengue Cases in Bilaspur

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Health Department Raises Awareness

Bilaspur, September 13: After the monsoon rains in the district, the number of dengue cases in the month of September has started to rise, causing concern among the people. Although there is no serious situation at the moment, people are becoming worried about dengue. In the past, during the year 2016-2017, Bilaspur city and other rural areas had reported the highest number of dengue cases. As a result, during that time, the district administration and the health department had to observe a dry day in the area once a week to maintain cleanliness.

According to the data from the Health and Family Welfare Department, a total of 1329 dengue tests have been conducted in Bilaspur district from January 2023 until now. Out of these, 36 cases have been confirmed as dengue, but among these 36 cases, 15 cases are from September alone. Health officials say that there are no serious symptoms of dengue in the affected individuals. The likelihood of dengue spreading increases after the monsoon season.

CMO Dr. Praveen Kumar advised people to keep the area around their homes clean and prevent mosquitoes from breeding to protect against dengue.

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