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Students Participate in Environmental Protection and Cleanliness Initiatives

Kullu, June 5 – Kullu Convent School celebrated World Environment Day with great enthusiasm. This year’s theme focused on “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.” The celebration aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation, emphasizing the urgent need to protect our environment from ongoing damage.

The school’s Eco Club students presented beautiful dances and slogans to educate and inspire their peers about the importance of environmental protection. All students, dressed in green attire, participated in the event, symbolizing their commitment to the cause. Teachers and staff also donned green outfits in solidarity.

As part of the celebration, students engaged in tree planting activities, sending a powerful message about the importance of preserving trees and protecting the environment. The event was graced by the school’s manager, Mr. Suresh Kumar, and the principal, Mrs. Reetu Suresh Kumar, who praised the efforts of the Eco Club coordinators, Mrs. Sanjana and Mr. Monish. They expressed their gratitude for the beautiful presentation and for spreading awareness among students about the significance of the environment. They also encouraged students to plant more trees and understand the vital role of the environment in their lives.

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