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FDP on Mindfulness concludes at Shoolini University


Solan, December 1

The Center of Happiness at Shoolini University successfully organized the 6-Day Happiness Faculty Development Program (FDP) under the theme, “Mindfulness: The Seed of Happiness.” The event witnessed enthusiastic participation of 65 faculty members, including the Chancellor, Prof. Prem Kumar Khosla.

The FDP was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Saamdu Chetri, Director of the School of Ancient Indian Wisdom and Yogic Studies and Director of the Center of Happiness. Prof. Chetri, was the keynote speaker and facilitator, delved into the profound concept of mindfulness and its transformative benefits. Through engaging sessions, participants were guided through various mindfulness practices, including breathing with verses, visualization, body awareness and the five senses, mindful movements, and sound meditation (AUM Chant). The teachings aimed to cultivate happiness through the practice of mindfulness, leaving participants enriched and inspired.

The FDP included the session on happiness, kind speech, and meditation, and each session began with a joyful happiness song and concluded with a love-spreading song.

The certificates were presented by the Chancellor, Prof. PK Khosla, and the Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Ashoo Khosla.

Assistant Professor, Mr. Apar Kaushik and the dedicated Happiness team successfully coordinated the FDP.


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