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Overcharging liquor vends to be dealt strictly

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State Taxes and Excise Commissioner Dr. Yunus stated today that the Department has taken strict measures to monitor and address the issue of illegal liquor trade. As per the revised policy, liquor traders across Himachal Pradesh can now charge 10-30 percent above the minimum selling price (MSP). He said that anyone found selling liquor at higher prices will face severe penalties under Himachal Pradesh Excise Act, 2011.

He said that the department has received many complaints regarding overcharging of liquor and has already taken strict action against those involved. So far, challan have been issued to 70 vendors for violating the regulations. Additionally, the department has instructed liquor vends to prominently display information about liquor policy for rates outside their shops.

He further stated that according to this policy, a 10 percent profit margin is allowed for various beverages like single malt, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, BIO beer, BIO wine, and cider and 30 percent profit margin for all beer brands manufactured in India, 30 percent for country liquor, 15 percent IMFS with EDP of 900 or less, 30 percent for IMFS with EDP of more than Rs. 900.

Dr. Yunus mentioned that the department has taken further steps to address complaints regarding liquor being sold at prices exceeding the allowed margin of 10 to 30 percent above the minimum selling price. He stated that specific telephone numbers have been set up for different zones for those who want to report such incidents: 01894230186 for Kangra zone, 01905223499 for Mandi zone, and 01772620775 for Shimla zone.

The Excise Commissioner while detailing the 24/7 control room, has appealed individuals to promptly relay information and file complaints concerning related issues via various channels. Citizens can reach out through the toll-free number 18001808062, telephone number 0177-26202426, and WhatsApp at 94183-31426. Additionally, they can share information via the official email address controlroomhq@gmail.com. This initiative aims to combat illegal activities within the liquor trade.

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