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Crypto Scam: Main Accused Subhash Invested Crores in Share Market with Private Companies

In the ongoing investigation of the cryptocurrency fraud case, the main accused, Subhash, has been found to have invested crores of rupees in the share market with several private companies. The police are collecting records from private companies as part of their investigation. So far, six properties belonging to the mastermind, Subhash, have been seized.

The accused allegedly deceived people and purchased properties worth crores in Zirakpur, Punjab. The financial probe by the SIT (Special Investigation Team) is scrutinizing every aspect seriously. All bank accounts of the accused have been thoroughly examined. Additionally, an ongoing inquiry is being conducted with agents who earned profits in the scam, involving millions and billions of rupees.

Most agents are claiming innocence, stating that they also invested in cryptocurrencies based on someone else’s recommendation. When they started getting good returns, they gradually suggested others to invest as well. They were unaware that it was a scam, and now they find themselves trapped in its web. It is noteworthy that in this scam involving 2,500 crores, 19 accused have been arrested so far, and properties worth more than 20 crores have been seized. The SIT is currently delving into the financial records of the agents.

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