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Fire Breaks Out in Upper Floor of बिल्डिंग Causing Substantial Damages

Haripur, Kullu-Manali, October 6 – A devastating fire in a house in the village of Haripur, located on the Kullu-Manali highway, has resulted in significant losses, estimated to be in lakhs. The incident occurred on Friday morning near Haripur College.

Suddenly, a fire broke out on the upper floor of the house, causing the belongings stored there, including wooden finishing, water tanks, solar systems, and more, to turn to ashes. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Firefighting teams from Manali and Patlikuhal, along with the help of local residents, managed to control the fire. However, the extent of the damages is substantial. Raj Kumar, the house owner, estimates that he has incurred a loss of approximately 35 lakhs.

The incident has left the community in shock, and local authorities are investigating the causes of the fire.

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